Argan Oil For Healthy Skin And Beautiful Hair?

Many argan oil reviews are hailing argan oil as the all in one skin and health care product. This review will examine argan oil, and inform you of the uses and any adverse reactions that may accompany the use of this product.

Argan oil for skin and hair ORIGINS:

Argan oil originates from somewhere in Morrocan Africa, and is produced from argan nuts, of the argan tree. In Africa the benefits have been known about for centuries among the African locals. It is a product that while good for skin and hair repair as a topical treatment, is said to be edible.


Argan oil has been proven by skin professionals to contain essential fatty acids, such as those like Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. It is also rich in the antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E. This unique blending of fatty acids and antioxodants are said to be very potent fighters against the age related effects of wrinkles, and the damage caused by sun exposure. Blemishes and stretch marks are also said to be affected by the use of this product. A clinical trial found that the use of argan oil improved the elasticity and the skins ability to retain moisture by as much as 80 percent. Results were noticeable in as few as 4 weeks.

It is also said to alleviate the skin conditions of Psoriasis, and exzema. Argan oil relieves these conditions by supplying adequate amounts of moisture to the skin.


Acne is said to respond quickly to the application of argan oil. The argan oil effects acne by reducing the amout of sebum produced by the skin. Users reported in their argan oil reviews that it also removed the scars and damage associated with acne. Acne may not be a serious skin disease, but millions of people are suffering from it in their youth and even in full adulthood, and it can be damaging to ones self-esteem.


Argan oil has also proved to be effective in restoring brittle and damaged finger nails. Its suggested that the oil be applied directly to the nails, as a toner. The essential vitamin and minerals are said to moisturize and strenghten nails that have become brittle.


Hair is said to benefit from the essential Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids, that can be found in argan oil. The oil is absorbed by the hair follicles and this works to lubricate and moisturize the hair, leaving it looking radiant and feeling luxurious. Argan oil reportedly has no oily feeling, therefore there is no greasy build up in the hair. It works on hair thats frizzy, dry, and even effectively repairs split ends.


It is stated in many argan oil reviews that argan oil can be applied with just two drops, and the drops should be applied both day and night. Using just those two drops day and night, changes in skin appearance have been noticed in just two to four weeks. The two drops can be applied directly to the skin, or it can be mixed with the cosmetic products that you may already use.

As above just two drops applied to the roots and scalp will improve and repair the appearance of damaged hair. It is also effective at fighting itchy scalp and dandruff. Your hair absorbs argan oil directly into the follicle, so that your hair doesn’t just appear to be shiny, but is genuinely healthy.


Some people add argan oil to their bath water as a way of moisterizing their skin, but it can also be mixed with bath oils as well.


Argan oil reviews state, that it is also an effective remedy internally as it fights arthritis, cardiovascular conditions, and atherosclerosis. It is also useful in treating various types of cancers and raising the bodys immunity against diseases. Argan oil can even be used on burn wounds and itchy skin.

All of these benefits listed about argan oil have been scientifically proven, and the benefits and uses are even more than can be stated in this article.

If you are interested in trying argan oil, you can find this product online.